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The LeRoy Sisters

"The LeRoy Sisters" were a dynamic comic clown duo that grew out of the unravelling vaudeville sister act chronicled in the company's production, Canarsie Suite: At the Edge of Vaudeville. Although they claimed to be world famous in Newark and Elk Horn, Indiana, they never made it to the end of a performance without disaster overtaking the stage.


"The LeRoy Sisters" performed short acts across the experimental NYC Variety Arts scene - and in dive bars, music clubs, and sidewalks from Jacksonville, FL to Brighton, England. The duo also hosted riotous "Vaudeville Noir" cabarets at multiple venues in Brooklyn and took a touring show, with three other NYC-based clown artists, to the American South.  




September 2011

Opening Clown Cabaret Hosts

Amuse Bouche Clown Festival

Brick Theater, Brooklyn

August 2011

Trav S.D.'s American Vaudeville Theatre

45Bleeker, NYC

May 2011

Dixon Place, NYC

January 2011

Bindlestiff Variety Show

Galapagos, NYC

December 2010

Cabaret Hosts

Dead Herring Holiday Cabaret, Brooklyn


November, 2010

The LeRoy Sister's Thanksgiving Spectacular

HiHo Lounge, New Orleans

The Underbelly, Jacksonville, FL

September 2010

Clown Cabaret Hosts

NY International Clown Theatre Festival

Brick Theater, Brooklyn

June 2010

Kraine Theater, NYC

May 2010

Comedy in Dance Festival

Triskelion Arts, Brooklyn


October 2009

Newark Theatre, Newark, NJ

May 2009

Voodoo Vaudeville, Brighton, UK

April 2009

Webster Hall, NYC

Drom, NYC

March 2009

The Bushwick Starr, Brooklyn

January 2009

The Slipper Room, NYC

September 2008

Brick Theater, Brooklyn

"Where can both culturally elite and creatively uncouth broker peace before a stage filled with ukuleles, corsets, back flips and gorillas (while still avoiding felony charges)? In these barren times, it can be tough to procure such spicy jollies. Have no fear – The LeRoy Sisters are a pair of salacious pseudo-siblings who have raised the bar on neovaudeville psychodrama...


The Big Apple-based LeRoy Sisters are really the chimerical children of Aimee German (Gladys) and Jennifer Sargent (Birdie) – two highly talented performers as skilled at song and dance as they are at death-defying acrobatics and knife-throwing.

- Jacksonville Folio Weekly   

"It was interesting to us to realize that the limited roles that women had in the late 19th century were mostly mother, domestic worker or prostitute. As clowns, we wanted to explore and mock these ideas."

- Aimee German, Co-Creator   


Conceived/ Co-Created by

Aimee German and Jennifer Sargent



Aimee German and Jennifer Sargent

Music Composed/ Arranged and Performed by

Tony Melone

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