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Vagabond Inventions


Vagabond Inventions is a New Orleans-based association of physical theater artists who share a language of ensemble-devised theater. The company creates innovative, phyiscal work exploring worlds in disequilibrium. Permutations of the vagabond archetype and stories of the outcast run throughout the company's original work: clowns lost in a wilderness at the onset of WWII, migrants waiting in an immigration office, has-been vaudevillians performing their final show, a prostitute and her Angles of Judgment in a purgatory cell.


This universe comes to life through expressionistic storytelling that employs elements of movement-theater and innovative approaches to the classic form of theatrical Clown. The company strives to create work over long developmental periods, employing rigorous research and experimentation. Vagabond Inventions develops process-rich relationships with prose writers, music composers, and dance artists in addition to theater practitioners of diverse backgrounds. This ensemble-driven, collaborative practice across disciplines ignites possibilities for new languages, new approaches to process, and a constantly renewed search for the melody of fragile voices in a turbulent world.





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Artists & Crew


DIRECTOR: Jennifer Sargent


VAGABOND COLLABORATING ARTISTS: Tricia Anderson, Jeff Becker, Renee Benson, Grace Booth, Ja'nese Brooks-Galathe, Donna Costello, Owen Ever, Madison Krekel, Lee Kyle, Penelope McCourty, Jalisa Roberts, Lisa Shattuck


PAST COLLABORATORS: David Arkema, Khiry Armstead, Maja Bieler, Fiora Blasi, Sara Brown, Eva Burgess, Calamity, Zina Camblin, Lisa Clair, Theodus Crane, Jen Davis, Denni Dennis, Servane Ducorps, Aminisha Ferdinand, Aimee German, Christine Giancatarino, Mack Guillory, Steven Hajar, Matt Jackson, Emily James, Steph Kehoe, Chris Lane, Elisa Matula, Tony Melone, Peter Musante, Cynthia Polutanovich, Mary Kate Schellhardt, Adam Tourek, Corey Williams, Jessica Winograd, Cameron-Mitchell Ware, Derek Wright, Philip Yiannopoulos

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