A Kingdom, A Chasm
Three unlikely companions struggle to sustain a mini-society in the ruins of New Orleans.

"A stirring, surreal treasure." A. Sanfilippo, Miami-Dade Department of Cultural Affairs
Jitterbug and the Aftermath
Jitterbug and the Aftermath is an absurd dance-theater work created as collaboration between Vagabond Director, Jennifer Sargent and NYC Dance Artist, Donna Costello.
Definitive Figures Festival
Definitive Figures was an interdisciplinary festival of performance by femme artists launched by Vagabond members Jennifer Sargent and Jen Davis in collaboration with NYC Dance Artist Donna Costello.
For the Sins I Can Remember
In a purgatory cell the day after her death, a prostitute squares off with two Angels of Judgment.

"A room that Lewis Carroll kept locked." NY Theatre Review
Under the Skiff
In the barren immigration office of a strange country, two naive applicants wait (and wait...) for their papers to be approved.

"Clown taken to the level of poetry. The clown as poet and sage and fellow traveler." J. Nichols/ Yale
Canarsie Suite
The gilded dreams of a small-time sister act unravel at the seams. A Vaudeville Noir inspired by the gritty stage life of female entertainers in the early 1900s.

"Mutant genius." PragueTV
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