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For the Sins I Can Remember

Performing in the New Orleans Fringe Festival, November 2014


Inspired by Maimie Pinzer and her collection of letters, The Maimie Papers, mixed with stories from other prostitutes in the red light districts around the US, For the Sins I Can Remember is an absurdist portrait of women from the late 19th and early 20th centuries who chose to work as "soiled doves." Set in a purgatory cell where a prostitute squares off with two dysfunctional Angels of Judgment, and told through a mix of lyrical movement-theater and clown, this tragi-comic work explores questions of morality, love, and femininity-as-currency. 

Memories of Otto Dix (working title)

Work in Progress, 2014-15

Last spring, Vagabond Inventions began early experimentation on a new collaboration with Chris Kaminstein of the New Orleans-based theater company Goat in the Road Productions. The work is inspired by the Otto Dix painting, Portrait of the Journalist Sylvia von Harden. Mr. Kaminstein will direct this piece, a solo performance that will feature Jennifer Sargent. 

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Past Productions

Vagabond Inventions has created four shows under its banner and many short works: For the Sins I Can Remember, Under the Skiff, Canarsie Suite: At the Edge of Vaudeville, The LeRoy Sisters' New Vaudeville acts, and The Circus of the Elephants (in collaboration with Théâtre Déséquilibrium). The company's early work grew out of relationships developed at the Ecole Internationale du Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris. The creative teams that developed the company’s shows Under the Skiff and The Circus of the Elephants met through their training at the Lecoq School, and built these shows based upon the Lecoq School’s method of creating original, innovative physical theater through improvisation and discovery.

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