GiveNOLA Day: JUNE 2

Requiem for a Stranger


GiveNOLA Day, a 24-hour online giving event for the13-parish Greater New Orleans region, happens on June 2nd.


Vagabond Inventions is raising funds to support the future of Requiem for a Stranger, a music-infused movement theater collaboration with singer/ composer Renee Benson. This work, exploring grief and mourning, began development long before the Covid-19 crisis made loss a part of our daily reality.


The unknowns in front of us are vast, but we insist on this: whatever world we must invent going forward, the arts are essential. The way we process being human, find meaning and connection through the arts is essential. We are currently planning our September residency at the Contemporary Arts Center, in New Orleans. As we do so, we will be a part of inventing this new world - and we hope you will join with us in this search.


We are seeking to name and process loss - we seek the gift of listening to yours and learning how to hold it. We are seeking to invent a new society inside of the unknowns created by Covid-19 - we seek your ideas in fostering live, embodied, imaginative connection through the arts.


Please follow @VagabondInventions in these coming months as we solicit your ideas, and:

please contribute to our campaign on June 2nd if you are able: www.givenola.org/vagabondinventions

or, give before June 2nd:

Goat in the Road Productions'

Play/Write: Summer 2020

Vagabond Inventions is proud to have accepted a commission from Goat in the Road Productions to stage two student plays for the Goats' education program, Play/Write. Normally performed live for young audiences, this year the showcase is presented online due to the Covid-19 crisis. In addition to celebrating young playwrights, these two projects offered the company an opportunity to ask the question, "How can we adapt as storytellers when we can't share space together to work and create or meet our audiences through live performance?" 

The Play/Write Online 2020 Showcase is posted through summer 2020:



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