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Canarsie Suite:

At the Edge of Vaudeville

Canarsie Suite: At the Edge of Vaudeville

is a tawdry, tacky, and hilarious Vaudeville

Noir that celebrates the gritty stage life of female entertainers in the early 1900’s as it chronicles the disintegrating LeRoy Sister Act. 


At the Vaudeville era's close, the gilded dreams of small-time performers Birdie and Gladys LeRoy unravel at the seams: Birdie thrashes in an existential crisis while anything-for-a-smile Gladys battles to save the LeRoy Sister-Act from self destruction. The work was inspired by historic tales of the failed "Golden City" in Canarsie, Brooklyn and by real figures such as Frances Gumm before she became Judy Garland, the Cherry Sisters who dodged many a rotten tomato, and Georgia Lee, the great “Lady of the Evening” on the Alaskan frontier. Canarsie Suite weaves a tale of dysfunction and

perseverance through a side-splitting carnival of dance, song, knife throwing, acrobatic gorillas, and High Melodrama based on authentic 1910 Vaudeville scripts.



May 2010

Marigny Theatre

New Orleans, LA

November 2009

The Skull Club

New Orleans, LA

November 2009

Yesterday's Social Club

Jacksonville, FL

September 2009

The Brick Theater

Brooklyn, NY

May 2009


Prague, CZ

May 2009

The Brunswick Hive

Brighton, GB


Conceived/ Co-Created by

Aimee German & Jennifer Sargent



Aimee German

Jennifer Sargent  


Directorial Consultant

Eva Burgess

Devised with collaboration from

Eric Davis

Michelle Seekamp 

"This is a fast paced, funny and extremely well executed piece of physical theatre, which teeters beautifully between tragedy and comedy."  


"Highly Recommended Show."                                                                           - FringeReview

"This show is a Fringe must-see and has to be experienced. Freakishly talented stars Aimee German and Jennifer Sargent are obviously mutant genius actors and clowns… 


Masters of audience acknowledgement—taking whatever the audience gives and turning it around to suit the moment and the needs of their story. Fearless in their physicality...


"One of the weirdest and most

memorable evenings in the theatre I have ever experienced. A top-five Prague Fringe Festival pick for sure."

                                                                                                       -  PragueTV (Guy Roberts)

"Astonishing... A rich experience..."

"The best comedy show I’ve seen at the Fringe.”

                                - The Prague Post

"Impeccable comic timing and relentless, Broadway-size energy."                                                                              - PragueTV (Sarah Chandler)

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